Programme Spotlight: Gig-at-a-Startup

Turn your freelance ambitions into a thriving career

This programme includes:
    • Vibrant community of freelancers from across Africa for networking and support
    • Real world projects that can be showcased in your portfolio
    • Certificate of completion to validate your skills and achievements
    • Completion reward of $100 as a recognition of your hard work
  • Duration
    20-30 hours
  • Commitment
    Online or hybrid
  • Next Cohort
    Start Date: September 2024
  • Application Deadline
    28 July 2024

20-30 hours


Online or hybrid

Next Cohort

Start Date: September 2024

Application Deadline

28 July 2024

What is the Gig-at-a-Startup Program?

Gig-at-a-Startup is designed to propel your freelance career forward by providing hands-on experience with real-world projects at dynamic startups.

This program offers a unique opportunity to work on 20 to 30-hour project across various fields, including back-end development, front-end development, data analysis, sales, marketing, and administrative tasks. This experience allows you to hone your skills, expand your portfolio, and make valuable industry connections, all while contributing to the growth and success of a startup.

Upon successful and high-quality completion of the assigned project, you will receive a $100 completion reward.



“I enjoyed the setting of working in the real world and knowing what to expect in future as a remote worker.”

Marion Wandia Mwangi

Supported SAFuturist with their website design

Who should enroll in the Gig-at-a-Startup program?

The Gig-at-a-Startup program is open for ALX alumni and current learners from all courses, especially those aspiring to build freelance careers.

It’s perfect for individuals looking to expand their project portfolio, gain valuable real-world experience, and contribute meaningfully to startups tackling genuine challenges.

Carol Nyaguthii


    • Country:Kenya
    • ALX Course: Software Engineering
    • Startup: Iraady, Rwanda
    • Achievement: Integrated token-based authentication and SSL encryption for secure data transmission between frontend and backend.
Beverly Boahemaa Oware


    • Country:Ghana
    • ALX Course: Virtual Assistant
    • Startup: Partum Global, Ghana
    • Achievement: Prepared a sales deck, digital marketing strategy, scheduled meetings, and followed up on clients.
Taurai Masaire
    • Country:South Africa
    • ALX Course: Software Engineering
    • Startup: SAFuturist, South Africa
    • Achievement: Configured the startup website for SEO and Integrated Google Analytics for tracking website traffic
Francis Njakai
    • Country:Kenya
    • ALX Course: Data Science
    • Startup: Time Phantom, Cameroon
    • Achievement: Created a v0.0.1 of the mobile app using Flutter and Dart and debugged it.

Boost your freelance career with a Gig at a Startup

Application Submission

Apply to the program and indicate the project you would like to work on.

Virtual Interview

Participate in a video interview to discuss your skills, experience, and project preferences.

Acceptance & Matching

Get accepted and matched with a startup that aligns with your selected project.

Project Kickoff

Receive the project description from the startup and start working on your project.

Project Completion & Review

Complete the project and review the milestones with the startup founder.

Certification & Reward

Receive a certificate of completion and a $100 reward.

Get Connected to Our Global Ecosystem

     A network of global startups and corporates await top performing graduates from our programs.

Develop key soft skills for success in your freelance career

Access to the hubs

Freelancers accepted into the Gig-at-a-Startup program gain access to the ALX Tech Hubs where they can work on the assigned projects and engage in collaborative efforts with fellow freelancers. 


You can participate in the program if you are a current learner or alumni at ALX.

There are six tracks within the program: Front-end, Back-end, Sales, Data, Virtual Assistant, and Marketing.  There are specific projects under each track that the participants choose from during the application process.

Projects come from all industries. Examples include: ClimateTech, Mobility, Enterprise, HealthTech, EdTech, FinTech, Infrastructure, Supply Chain, Media, and AgTech. 

Yes, freelancers can set their working hours according to their schedules

Join the Gig-at-a-Startup Program and boost your freelance career