Fueled by Passion

About the Founder

Equipped with degrees from Universita Degli studi di Bergamo, Maastricht University, and Strathmore University, Chibudu combines finance, marketing, and computer science expertise. Currently enhancing his skills in the ALX Software Engineering program, Chibudu has years of managerial experience at GA Tax and pivotal roles in notable organizations. Fueled by a passion for women’s safety, health, and gender equality, he co-founded LUNA with Berabose Aline Joyce, based in Kigali, Rwanda.

Chibudu shares, “ALX Ventures helped us validate our process.”

About the Company

LUNA pioneers a digital revolution in women’s health across Africa, offering a mobile and web platform that bridges the gap between women and vital health tools, services, and information. Prioritizing user privacy and anonymity, LUNA ensures not only safe access but also considers cost implications for comprehensive care. Through LUNA, African women are empowered to lead healthier, more informed lives.






Kigali, Rwanda

Year Founded