Push Forward

About the Founder

Deborah’s roots in Computer Engineering from Heritage Polytechnic and expertise from the ALX Software Engineering Program demonstrate her technological prowess. With roles like the Co-Founder & COO of AquaTrack and Manager at Vinuche Farm, Deborah effortlessly merges her project management and frontend development skills to bring operational efficiency and tech solutions to the Bluetech sector.

In the face of rising fish demand and supply challenges, AquaTrack stands as a beacon for Nigeria’s Bluetech industry. This innovative platform offers fish farmers a comprehensive management tool, a community for knowledge-sharing, and a direct marketplace for sales. By merging technology with community, AquaTrack is revolutionizing the aquaculture sector, elevating small-scale fish farmers to new heights of efficiency and profitability.

Deborah shares, “The Founder Academy has been very useful and has played a big role in my growth and mindset in terms of my business and the ability to push forward and make my dream a reality.”







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